about us

Anna Kamay is an independent curator and cultural manager from Armenia. She organizes community-based art projects with the goal of using public space and contemporary art to meet local needs. Anna is also the program director of the Institute of Contemporary Art in Yerevan, managing the artist residency and the events at Karoyan gallery. Her recent curated project is
“Home to Home” which tackles the issues of the Syrian refugees in Armenia and Artsakh through storytelling and photography.


Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA Yerevan) is an open hub for the design of cultural and contemporary art projects development and production. ICA promotes the operation of art economy in Armenia, develops and implements art collection, exhibition, archiving and disseminating projects, conducts research and organizes teaching programs in the field of curatorial practices, theory, and art education.

Structured as an open cross-functional network of people and ideas/concepts, the ICA School, Project and Research Labs provide a comprehensive set of resources, facilities and tools for understanding and operating in the contemporary art scene in Armenia and the wider global art contexts.

Karoyan Gallery and Nest artists’ residency introduce the outstanding artists, artworks and the current events of contemporary art and organize the exchange between local and international artists.