Lea Fröhlicher

Lea Fröhlicher’s work increasingly deals with subjects like modes of acting, mannerisms, phenomena of daily routines, unofficial knowledge; Relations to people and between them influence her projects, which are process oriented and often span over a long period of time. Involving and cooperating with people play a key role in her work as well as the dialog and the coming together of different living environments, ideas and knowledge. In this context audio and video recordings are made, combined and consolidated. Additionally, different objects — found or traced — form together the parts of an installation. A further aspect Lea Fröhlicher engages with is the border between documentation and fiction which she traces with her video camera. She is interested in documenting «real» situations, but also finding out what peculiarities a situation entails and at which point a situation becomes an enactment.

Lea Fröhlicher graduated from Bern University of the Arts (Switzerland) with a Master in Art Education with teaching diploma and from University of Bern with a Master minor in Art History. She works as an artist and as a culture and art mediator. Amongst being a co-initiator of «Passage», an artistic production and presentation space in Solothurn (CH), functions as a freelance associate in the mediation of culture and arts in the Neues Museum Biel and Kunsthaus Pasquart (CH) and works for commissioned films, amongst others as a video journalist for the swiss online culture TV channel art-tv.ch. Furthermore Fröhlicher teaches photography and video workshops at an adult education institution in Switzerland and curates exhibitions at «S11» in Solothurn, a platform for contemporary artistic practice.

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