Nina Scholz

Nina Scholz is an architect and founding member of the art/ architect collective Plattformer. Her practice includes architectural interventions and public space ‘repair’ through a participatory approach. Alongside the work with Plattformer she has collected experience working with various architecture practices in London (Lyn Atelier, WWM Architects) as well as while three years co-teaching the diploma unit10 at the Cass of Metropolitan University. Other interests are furniture making, ecological building and sound recording. She’s currently co-presenting a weekly radio show at Radio Kampus FM in Warsaw.
Born in Germany (1975) lives and works in London and Warsaw.

Plattformer Collective’s work is set somewhere between urbanism, public art and social interaction. We often work in areas and places that are in transition.In our projects we strongly believe in enhancing participation, communication and exchange between people of different cultural backgrounds, different ages and abilities. Our current research interest lies in examining and testing what are the parameters for successful hands-on participation and tools for communication and how they can be nurtured at ArtSakh Fest for future collaboration and creative interaction with the local community of Stepanakert city. In collaboration with ArtSakh Fest participants, visitors and local residents of Stepanakert our aim is to explore and challenge how we see and experience our local environment and to discuss possible ways of future interaction that offer alternative everyday experiences.

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