Olivia Hegetschweiler

In Olivia Hegetschweiler‘s artistic works the visitors / spectators become the players. In the created, not common situations, they become part of the scenography. Olivia has a playful approach to the themes like atmosphere, identity, attire and cuisine. Unusual combinations are being formed in her spatial statements. These are always site specific, installative and mostly performative and multisensory. She likes to develop her projects in collaboration with other artists, amongst others with Lea Fröhlicher. Olivia Hegetschweiler made her apprenticeship as a shop- window dresser in an agency for three-dimensional communication in Zürich (Switzerland). Then she was working as a visual merchandiser for an international fashion brand for four years. What she was missing, was to develop her own ideas, therefore she has made the Bachelor of Arts in Scenography at the Zurich University of the
Arts. There she learned to put a given space as an aesthetic medium in scene, to analyse this space and to communicate through sketches, maps, plans and models.

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